India is famous for its exotic cuisine that is prepared with an artful and exquisite combination of aromatic spices. At Bukhara Indian Restaurant we provide our guests authentic cuisines from North India and Hyderabad, all famous for their savory clay oven dishes and exotic curries. We carefully pick the freshest of ingredients and our chef grinds our own spices to prepare authentic taste that makes our food unique.

Our friendly waiters and chefs look after every customer with the same diligence and aim for perfection by paying attention to every detail. Bukhara Restaurant will enhance your dining experience so that every time you crave for quality food you will find us a home where all the five senses feast.

Bukhara invites you to great food and a conventional Indian experience in a plush and vibrant atmosphere. You will be pleased with our good renditions of butter chicken, sea food masala and Indian sweets.

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